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Explosions in a Shingle Factory:

Trajectories Through a Fractured Landscape

Artist: Stephen Singer

About this show

Detached Erotica #1: The Gap


The viewer is confronted by a shallow space, barred from escape into a dark expanse beyond by forms dropped. The teetering tooth-like grill arrangement created by chance is allegorical of the lottery of birth.

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The Sisters of Celebes


An expression of the feminine. The opaque plain partially obscures a sea of plastic and hair, through which traverse the blind searching.

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Vomitous Ahegao (Bang Smear)


An expression of the masculine. In the shifting human landscape of violence and fluid, the pink demon surveys his domain for signs of transgression.

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86 Stoppages


A public spectacle of twisting death in the sky, both beautiful and horrific. An unfortunate accident that may never have happened had fate taken a slightly different trajectory on the day.

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The Belle in the Pool


The concentric layers of death are a path traversed above the void. The journey may begin orderly, but inevitably becomes a messy tangle of rambling anarchy.

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Les Demoiselles d’Porte Treize


Passing through the walls of death the flesh sublimates into discreet torus of voids as it travels to oblivion, guided through the monolith forest by obscured vibrating souls.

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Ben Daze


The final state, wherein pink neon swells from fissures in the moldy landscape. Order is obliterated by the hand of the creator as a new gap commences.

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About this Show

Stephen Singer is a recent MFA graduate from the Museum Studies program at Syracuse University, with a BFA in painting from Purchase College. Although versed in traditional oil painting, he is tethered to no one medium nor dimension, working with materials as diverse as plastic, dust, and the very fabric of space itself.

The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen all at once.” – Pinky Caruthers

After visiting the landmark Armory Show in 1913, a critic for the New York Times famously likened Marchel Duchamp’s cubist inspired Nude Descending a Staircase, No.2 to “an explosion in a shingle factory.” Although meant as an insult, it is not an altogether inaccurate description. Representative works show a delicate balance between chaos and structure, serving as documents of upheaval. They are attempts to derive meaning from society splintered by war, rapidly evolving technology, or a host of other – often jarring – paradigm shifts. The process of fragment-reintegration is manifest in the Surrealist and Pop movements as well, the first focusing on the mind the second concerned with consumerist sensibilities.

This series is a love letter to those movements, reveling in both the explosion and the measured search for reason thereafter. Despite their chopped and disjointed nature they are expressions of hope, the search for eddies of sanity in the turbulence. An exploration of movement, unfurling visions of chance, death, and transcendence. 

They were created using Adobe Photoshop, utilizing processes undoubtedly familiar to users of that graphics editor. Techniques found in both traditional collage and painting are employed, combining roughly chopped edges and painterly flow, with a subtle translucent layering indicative of digital manipulation. There is a large element of chance involved in their creation, the results tenuous compositions that threaten to come apart at the seams.

Exhibition Citation:
Stephen Singer. Explosions in a Shingle Factory: Trajectories Through a Fractured Landscape. May 2021. Syracuse University Libraries. Biblio Gallery Online.