150 Years of Tradition at Syracuse University: a digital exhibition


Exhibition Curator
Meg Mason, University Archivist

Exhibit Preparation and Conservation
David Stokoe, Conservation Librarian

Graphic Design
Lynn Wilcox, Design Specialist

Digital Imaging
Sarah Pohley, Digitization Technician
Courtney Asztalos, Plastics and Historical Artifacts Curator

Web Design and Development
Deirdre Joyce, Head of the Digital Library Program
Suzanne Preate, Digital Initiatives Librarian
Daniel Rice, Information Technology Analyst

Cristina Hatem, Director of Strategic Marketing and Communications
Meara Mosny, Communications Coordinator

Special Thanks
To khristian kemp-delisser, Director of the LGBT Resource Center, who provided the Out/Ally poster for inclusion in the exhibition.

To SUArt Galleries, who granted permission for use of the portrait of Junius Stevens.

To the following Special Collections Research Center staff who also contributed to this exhibition:
Vanessa St. Oegger-Menn, Assistant University Archivist and Pan Am 103 Archivist
Nicole Westerdahl, Reference and Access Services Librarian
Nicolette Dobrowolski, Assistant Director of Collections and Access Services
Colleen Theisen, Chief Curator of Exhibitions, Programs, Education
Julia Chambers, Administrative Specialist
Michael Dermody, Digital Preservation and Projects Coordinator